Where decisions are made.


The way we work is changing.

We are more collaborative and connected. Our workplace is more integrated -
our decisions involve more people, more time, more effort.

It's exhilarating - but exhausting too.

Which is why we built Synseer ® -
a platform to help you streamline communication and make better decisions.

Use Synseer to plan, strategise and debate.
Use it for visibility and accountability in your decision-making.

Use it to start one conversation or hold several at once -
the Virtual Facilitator™ tracks and summarises all activity so you don't have to.

Use it to involve colleagues, customers and senior leaders -
all they need is an invitation.

Use it to listen and inform.
To drive forward debate and capture why decisions are made.

Use it to make decision-making simpler.


Do you want decision-making to be simpler, faster, better?

Beta is by invitiation only but we would be delighted to start a conversation with you.

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Where decisions are made.